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Here we are again 2018 NASN this time with new exciting vendors and a New location in Boynton Beach FL this is a fantastic event with products and speakers and really worth going to, the event takes ...more
There is a difference between skin care and skin care. It is not the price of a product that matters it is what is in it . Many products only have 1 or 2 active ingredients the rest is fillers and ...more
Plant stem cells does not work as Human adipose-derived stem cells. So do not waist your money. Micro needling treatments with (ADSC) cost more than regular facial treatments but it is ...more
Ideal for treating several skin problems and when combined with a clinical skin care treatments such as Dermaplaning, Acne Peels, Microneedeling or Chemical skin surfacing peels, the benefits ...more
January poster for monthly specials !
Each passing season comes with its own challenges and rewards. The transition into fall is heralded by cooler temperatures, seasonal beverages, and colorful landscapes. Different weather ...more
Dermaplaning is a quick ,noninvasive,painless procedure in which in surface dead Skin cells are manually scraped away .Requires absolutely no recovery time. It increases cellular ...more
This is why we don't want to see before and after pictures !There is no product yet discovered or manufactured that can give you the result of a face lift .The only true way of reaching this goal ...more
Light Therapy for all skin types.Most everyone knows that Red light therapy can activate fibroblasts, increasing collagen and elastin production to effectively treat fine lines and wrinkles. ...more
Great for all skin types
Permanent makeup network is for all permanent makeup and skin care professionals to display work and things of professional interest, to get private support from each other, share ideas, discuss treatments colors and supplies, as well as problems and complications that we sometimes have to face alone on a daily bases. We strive to provide the community with an environment and tools so that we can help each other to become our best.
We are always looking to add additional features so send us your suggestions!