Concern For Florida Techs.

Concern For Florida  Techs.
Concern for all Florida techs concerning Florida Dept of Health and our devices. All of you digital users make sure you have your paperwork with the proper documentation proving that your device has cartridges patented for no back flow . Health department of Florida is cracking down hard now on all the bad practices and this could really hurt those of us that are doing this correctly and by the book . If any of you are using a digital such as a Novouea Contor or any others ,make sure that you get a copy of all the certifications etc from your manufacturor to protect you. I urge all of you using digital or any other device that may not fit in the new laws to innudate your health departments with paperwork showing your cartridges will not cross contaminate the device. If any of you are using any of the Belair Industries or Novouea Contor devises which by the way is fantastic devices, contact them and have them mail you the proper documentation . Beware we need to stick together .It is coming our way!!! Helpful contact information Bellaire Industry Bellaire Industry 11 Heather Court Middle Island, NY 11953 Tel: (631) 924-2751 Email: Novouea Contor 111 N. Orange Ave, Suite 775 S?Orlando, Florida – 32801?United States?Ph: (321) 332-6975?Toll Free: (877) 628.7201?
by Lena|09 Oct 2016
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