Blade or Stroke ?

There has been a great effort rename Microblading to Microstroking . Renaming Microblading will become a necessity in the USA due to legal issues related to using the word Blade. Someone said she has been questioned about the possible sexual nature of Microstroking.This might not be a common question but at the same time ,neither word really paints a realistic picture.This service is spreading faster than lightning ,it would be nice to establish a dignified name that also gives a visual Image like HAIRSTROKES does.The result the result is more similar than different .Is it already to late to rename? One suggestion so far with a positive response MICRO -HAIRSTROKE BROWS or MHB for short.This could be described as preformed with a hand tool rather with a machine.( Just a bit hard to say) Any other thoughts ? Or Ideas ?
by Lena|14 Oct 2016
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