OSHA and Beauty Establishments

OSHA and Beauty Establishments
There's been a long-held belief that proprietors of salons, spas, PMU practices and other beauty establishments have only to follow their state rules and regulations. If their state or local Board of Health, or their state Board of Cosmetology doesn't require a certain practice, then they are not required to do so. This is untrue. OSHA, which is Federal legislation, over views every worker in every business. OSHA was designed to protect the workers of the work place. State Boards are designed to protect clients/consumers. The two have different focuses and each department oversees only its own area of review. Your business is subject to enforcement by all regulatory agencies. For example, in your municipality you may be required to have a fire safety inspection or a water and sewer back-flow prevention inspection. Just because your state Board doesn't mention these doesn't mean you can skip them! All regulatory agencies, with their individual purview, must be complied with by all business owners. So to be even more clear about whether or not OSHA requirements must be met by those performing PMU, understand that OSHA is a Federal mandate and no state may set it aside. Individual states can either adopt the Federal OSHA standards, and most states have done so, or they may enact even more stringent standards--California is once such state. There is NO STATE in the US which can set aside Federal OSHA standards. Let's be informed in our practices and do away with statements put forth in ignorance: "I've never [done something required by OSHA--worn gloves or a mask or eye wear, etc.] because it's not required in my state." It IS required in your state!
by Karen Hodges|25 Oct 2016
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