Is microblading a Tattoo?

Is microblading a Tattoo?
YES! Microblading is a form of manual tattooing (i.e. using a hand tool instead of a traditional machine). Just like traditional tattooing, microblading places pigment into the dermal layer of the skin which holds the pigment there permanently. Permanent cosmetics, micropigmentation, dermal implantation, microblading/microstroking, eyebrow embroidery, and long-time/long-lasting makeup, are all different names for the same procedure – cosmetic tattooing. Any time color is placed into the skin with any device, it is a tattoo process as defined by many well-informed regulators, the medical community, and dictionary sources. Permanent? YES! Some practitioners advertise microblading as a “semi-permanent” procedure, and while this procedure tends to change and fade over time, that does not make it semi-permanent. All tattoos fade with sun exposure, and the eyebrows, being in a position where sun exposure is a daily occurrence will endure some fading with time. There isn’t a reliable or steadfast rule to gauge if / when / or how the procedure will fade or change over time, but a general guideline is that people who receive microblading should expect to need a touch up every 12-24 months. TRAINING!! A great training course is the fundamental keystone to a great Microblading treatment , A solid foundation begins with bloodborn pathogen control, color theory, THEN microblading and remember these subjects cannot be fully learned and digested in 1-2 days.So don't practice on your clients.
by Lena|09 Oct 2016
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