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Plant stem cells does not work as Human adipose-derived stem cells. So do not waist your money. Micro needling treatments with (ADSC) cost more than regular facial treatments but it is ...more
Ideal for treating several skin problems and when combined with a clinical skin care treatments such as Dermaplaning, Acne Peels, Microneedeling or Chemical skin surfacing peels, the benefits ...more
There's been a long-held belief that proprietors of salons, spas, PMU practices and other beauty establishments have only to follow their state rules and regulations. If their state or local ...more
Each passing season comes with its own challenges and rewards. The transition into fall is heralded by cooler temperatures, seasonal beverages, and colorful landscapes. Different weather ...more
It was a exciting and fun day at the international aesthetics cosmetics and spa conference in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Everything from aprons professional equipment skin care and education . ...more
Great for all skin types
Permanent makeup network is for all permanent makeup and skin care professionals to display work and things of professional interest, to get private support from each other, share ideas, discuss treatments colors and supplies, as well as problems and complications that we sometimes have to face alone on a daily bases. We strive to provide the community with an environment and tools so that we can help each other to become our best.
We are always looking to add additional features so send us your suggestions!
Educate your selfElevate to higher standardsExpand to new horizonsLena Jarborg and Marcela Alzate-Rios at Karen HodgesMorning Glory studio in Fort Myers FL . ...more
Soft shading is the new technique in the permanent make-up world, soft shade is light, natural and like sketching. The pigment is sketched in to the hairs of the brow line or on to the lips which ...more
This will spear us all many phone calls from worried clients. I docent matter how many time you explain the healing process to your clients or how many pieces of paper you print with after care ...more
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There has been a great effort rename Microblading to Microstroking . Renaming Microblading will become a necessity in the USA due to legal issues related to using the word Blade.Someone said she ...more
What is alopecia? Alopecia areata is a type of hair loss that occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles which is where hair growth begins. The damage to the follicle is ...more
This is why we don't want to see before and after pictures !There is no product yet discovered or manufactured that can give you the result of a face lift .The only true way of reaching this goal ...more
Shop for Permanent Makeup Equipment, Pigments, Accessories and Supplies for Aesthetic Permanent Cosmetic procedures that enhance the face and body
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Hello this is great! Thank you Lena Jarborg for coming up with this network for our Permanent Makeup, Skincare and business industry! Best Wishes!
2017 Academy ScheduleADVANCETRAINING ...more
Dermaplaning is a quick ,noninvasive,painless procedure in which in surface dead Skin cells are manually scraped away .Requires absolutely no recovery time. It increases cellular ...more
YES! Microblading is a form of manual tattooing (i.e. using a hand tool instead of a traditional machine). Just like traditional tattooing, microblading places pigment into the dermal layer of ...more
Tecks Helping TecksAt The Hyatt Place in the heart of Delray Beach Florida.3 day intense Education with both International and local Tecks .Lena Jarborg with Marcela Alzate-Rios Training with ...more
Concern for all Florida techs concerning Florida Dept of Health and our devices.All of you digital users make sure you have your paperwork with the proper documentation proving that your device ...more